What Are PBN Backlinks? How Do You Create Them? – SEO Blogger Basics

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building are not the same thing. In fact, you will rarely see a search engine optimization expert on a SEO Blogger Website. It seems that people are far more concerned with submitting their links to Search Engine Optimization Sites than to blogs. That is because they are concerned about how Google and other search engines view the content of their blog posts.

Let me tell you, I have been working for almost 4 years in Internet Marketing and am also a good friend of a Search Engine Optimization Expert (who works for Google) so I can vouch for this statement. This means that most bloggers only submit links to other websites because they think that Google is the most trusted Search Engine to determine the value of their blog posts.

So why do we use backlinks? We use them because it makes our site more credible and establishes a link to our website from others websites. So we need backlinks to have credibility.

Google, Yahoo, and any other Search Engine Optimization firm know that a search engine’s “Authority” is based on its “trustworthiness.” Backlinks provide credibility because of what they say about your blog.

What Are PBN Backlinks? – SEO Blogger Tips To Optimize Your Backlinks

We can leverage the “authority” given to us by the Search Engines to drive additional traffic to our blog. We can use “keyword rich content” to drive more traffic to our site. We can use article marketing to produce even more organic traffic to our blog.

However, we can not rely solely on Google and the SEO Blogger to provide this credibility and authority that we need to generate even more traffic to our blog. We have to find some way to gain it for ourselves. How do we do this?

It is not hard to build backlinks when you have used the tools that SEOs use on their websites. It takes time to build backlinks with these SEO strategies but it is worth it. With these tools, you can quickly build backlinks using some easy steps.

First, you need to find a few quality blogs and find some good knowledge from them. Most SEO Bloggers will tell you that you should ask for permission before submitting your link. They do not want to ruin your reputation.

Second, you need to join forums that help other SEOs find each other. Ask them if they have questions, are having problems, or are having difficulties with their campaigns. Find a few of these forums and become a member and speak to people about their struggles with SEO.

Third, use those good quality articles on your site and get links to your site through them. It does not matter if you only send links to other sites, your whole point is to make your site look as good as possible so people will trust your site over other sites.