What is SEO all about? This is a question that more people are asking in these days of internet marketing. The SEO buzzword is very popular among webmasters.

But what if you want to be counted as a marketer and in the eyes of Google, your content should not be limited to articles that you write for your blog? Can you create backlinks as well as PRN? What happens when you go beyond the boundaries of search engine optimization and actually create fake PBNs for Google?

This will surely get you into trouble. But can you create fake backlinks for Google? Definitely! For the most part, fake backlinks is still frowned upon Google, but they are also considered as the next level of optimization.

As far as search engines are concerned, backlinks are real but real backlinks cannot be created without some help from the search engine. I am talking about PBN which stands for Pay Per Click, which is a form of marketing where the campaign pays for every click generated a PPC advertisement.

In fact, the term Pay Per Click has been associated with SEO marketing because in SEO marketing, PPCs have also been used. PPCs are used in order to maximize your returns on investment but this is not always to your advantage.

Instead of creating backlinks, you should look at it in two different ways. One, you should create real links in order to gain exposure. And two, in order to create backlinks, you should be able to create only legitimate links.

To get real backlinks, you should only create backlinks from sites that are related to your niche. You should remember that no one can imitate you or steal your traffic. Backlinks are just an indirect way of getting your message across to the people who are searching for information in your niche.

Moreover, you should also be wary of the overuse of links that you create. You should limit the number of backlinks you create to a certain extent otherwise it may look like spamming and you may end up having Google penalize you for it.

The same is true for PPL. If you submit articles for PPL that is nothing but pure spam then you risk losing a good number of subscribers. When Google receives complaints against you, you could face the banhammer.

So, as far as creating backlinks is concerned, don’t get too caught up in the need to get as many backlinks as possible. If you do that then you may get yourself into trouble. You need to put your focus on writing quality articles that will interest your readers.

And that is exactly what you should do as far as writing is concerned and that is why you should spend some time building your website and creating high quality content. That will help you a lot in creating good backlinks.

It is important to realize that you are not in Google’s pocket. If you are creating backlinks, you should only do so with your trust and faith in the benefits that you will receive from it.