Should you use PBN and PR links for SEO? Well, the answer is probably not. While using PBN and PR links is beneficial to your search engine rankings, it also has a negative effect.

If you’re trying to compete in the Internet with other big, well-funded companies, you have to get links from their websites, whether PBN or PR, or both. All that matters is to get ranked high enough so that your site is visited by more people than the company’s. Just as the potential of being contacted by your competitors affects your SEO, your site will also be affected if you don’t use PBN and PR links.

You may say, “No one will be able to find my site without getting ranked by major search engines!” Well, you might be right. But this is not necessarily bad news.

You see, when it comes to your search engine rankings, that’s not really a problem. The problem is that if you don’t use PBN and PR links for SEO, then your rankings won’t even be close to the top ranking results in those very same major search engines.

Let’s take a look at how your rankings are calculated, shall we? Google and other search engines use the content, especially for keyword relevancy, which is very important.

So if you have content that is optimized for keywords that are important to these major search engines, then you’ll be high on the rankings for those keywords. The key is to use your PBN and PR links for SEO, and only use them for a specific keyword phrase. After all, PBN and PR are not going to be used in all situations.

You want to focus on the keywords you’re looking for in your search engine optimization. The best way to do this is to choose specific keywords that are used frequently, and use them consistently throughout your content. Using the same keyword phrase in a single paragraph is not going to do you any good.

You also want to make sure your links are optimized for keywords used in your SEO. While using PBN and PR links will help in your SEO, your links need to be optimized specifically for those keywords.

That is the only way your SEO will really work. Now, some webmasters choose to use PRs for search engine optimization and put them in their PBNs.

You should not do this. When your links and keywords are combined, you are effectively promoting two different techniques for search engine optimization.

It’s the same thing with using your own private blog network, or SEO blog network, which might be used to promote content over again, but will not help you rank higher than your competitors. It’s the same thing with putting both PBN and PR links in your articles and blogs.

On the other hand, putting your own link in the article is going to only count towards your links to your private blog network. When all is said and done, make sure that your links and keywords are optimized for the main keywords that your clients will be searching on for, and your links are specifically for those keywords.