Does A Worldwide Niche PBN Harm A Local Niche Site? Unfortunately, it could be a definite no. That’s the conclusion one can draw from an analysis of various Backlinks Networks by Rich McGrath and Joe Barry. They go into a lot of detail in their eBook “The Worldwide Niche PBN Strategy” in their discussion of Backlinks Networks.

In fact, Rich and Joe, in their eBook, have made the case that there is no “commonality” among Backlinks Networks, or that they are “rarely” related to each other. This seems like a strong argument against a global Backlinks Network strategy.

Since so many are jumping on the bandwagon, however, and basing a Backlink Network off of the assumption that any Global Backlink Network is legitimate, it is important to ask this question: does a worldwide niche site harm a local niche site? A localized online business blog network is a great place to be if your local audience is your main target market.

The answer, according to Rich and Joe, is no. A localized blog network is a great place to be because of the many advantages that allow you to generate more revenue and revenues even from within your local community.

For example, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AltaVista all know your industry. In fact, some of them know your business as well and provide information based on that.

Google has placed and partnered with sites like Yahoo! Local, and publishes their best searches to all. (Yahoo, not Yahoo! Local, though.)

Google has also partnered with business sites like PPC Pro and has products available through them, and has published their best campaigns to all of those sites. (Yahoo and PPC Pro, too.)

Google’s placement of the MyBlogMap directory link in their search results is telling, as well. The MyBlogMap is a directory of over 1 million webmasters who allow Google to include their sites on their listings.

While Google has its own rules about which webmasters can be included in the directory, the inclusion is clearly a predicated on quality. Quality listings in the Google index are the ones that get you the most clicks.

Of course, Google pays attention to that when it comes to listing their own business pages. So, even if you are listing in the MyBlogMap directory, you are still doing business with Google!

But what about those websites that are listed with Google, with other names than Google? Those are the ones that provide the best possible SEO to all of Google’s rankings, and therefore are the websites that are doing well for the websites that are listed with Google.

So, even though Google is not such a common name as Yahoo or AltaVista, the fact that these two companies are committed to the quality of their search results mean a lot to Google. Therefore, even if a blog network is listed with Google, it doesn’t hurt them.