How many AdSense websites do you own that you use to make money? I was able to build my own website last week using a combination of AdSense and Amazon. Since starting my journey I have tested two websites that each get a small commission from AdSense. Two!

Both sites are still receiving commissions from AdSense and Google AdWords. Each site gets about 5 visitors per day, so the chances of earning a large amount of money is still there.

The best part about building a small blog network is that there is no long term commitment to the project. I will not be asking you to set up a website for your AdSense profit making empire; if you ever wanted to start something like this then that would be fine.

The great thing about building a private blog network is that you can choose how much time you want to dedicate to it. If you have more time then you can probably devote more time to the project and build more sites in the future. If you have less time than you can get by with one site that you already have or use that site to generate traffic for your main AdSense site.

My AdSense site will provide me with an income to help pay for my private blog network. So far it is generating enough money to pay for my hosting and advertising, which is a great relief!

To be honest I feel guilty for using Google’s AdSense when I first started, but once I received my first AdSense check it felt right to earn more money. I am also really proud of my little “revenue building” empire. It takes patience to build a big website that get many backlinks but I love the results I am getting and the knowledge I am learning from my experiences.

When I decided to quit my job, I spent my days working at home doing SEO and helping other people with their AdSense sites. I had some great time learning the ropes and built many backlinks at the same time.

I got a lot of advice on how to be successful with Google AdSense, from the pros, including how to find top advertisers to review their product so you know how to sell them to AdSense. There were also helpful videos showing you how to get started.

I had to review some AdSense pages before I could start making money with Google’s AdSense program. My first two AdSense sites had thousands of AdSense sales each month but I learned the hard way to only promote sites that I could generate a lot of traffic to and ones that I was confident would make money.

I enjoy watching my AdSense income keeps growing and can’t wait for the next new project I get involved with. I started with just one AdSense site, which I later expanded to include four more, but I really love it and have no plans to stop.

Before I began using Google AdSense, I started with a low budget and worked diligently to make money. Even when I was working full time at my day job, I was always busy building backlinks so I didn’t have time to spend on AdSense.

I also started with a smaller budget because I knew I didn’t have the time or budget to build a huge AdSense site, but now with the way Google is changing how it awards AdSense, I can work on a smaller budget to support my little AdSense empire. I can’t wait to see what my earnings will be like in the future.