Many Internet marketers who don’t know much about the subject, often ask, “What is the difference between PBN and SAPE?” They’re not sure what SEO or search engine optimization is, let alone what to call the search terms that affect their business.

The answer is simple: PBN is a type of private blog network that isn’t affiliated with a specific search engine. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of directing traffic to your site from a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN or Bing.

Just like how there are two ways to become successful in every field of endeavor, there are two types of websites – the ones that use SEO and the ones that don’t. The PBN or private blog network is just another form of a website that uses SEO.

However, the most important distinction between PBN and SAPE is that the former is a brand new industry that really hasn’t been embraced by the search engines yet. The best SEO services for the short term is PBN, and those that offer more long term SEO services are SAPE.

These two terms are used interchangeably when it comes to search marketing, but one is more descriptive than the other. Although they are both SEO services, the words are used to describe two different concepts.

The difference between PBN and SAPE is the fact that they use keywords in their websites as opposed to the search terms that are spelled out in the search results. The PBN keyword phrases are made up of several words and the SEO services will use these words in their websites.

Thesearch engines categorize these keywords in various ways, so it would be extremely difficult for the search engines to find the websites that the people searching for the keywords are looking for. These SEO services use link exchanges with other websites that also do pay per click advertising or they use other types of PPC advertising.

The benefits of using PBN or private blog networks are that they target more people than SEO can. In the search engine search results, you’ll find that the websites that use PBN and SEO use more links that other search engines can find so the websites appear higher in the list.

The greatest benefit to using PBN or private blog networks as an alternative to SEO is that they have less competition than the other method. This means that the search engines won’t rank your website very high in the search results, but you will be able to get at least a few links back to your website.

In order to achieve high rankings for your website, your website has to have a lot of traffic so the search engines usually only pay when someone clicks on the advertisements they post on their website. If they only have a few visitors, they won’t pay anything for the ads.

It’s a fact that the keyword placement is so important for SEO or search engine optimization that using PBN or private blog networks is almost completely worthless unless you have a lot of traffic to your website. The traffic that the search engines receive from websites using SEO is a lot lower than the traffic that PBN or private blog networks receive.

The simple fact is that the keywords that the search engines will use for search engine optimization are very specific. If you’re interested in high rankings for your website, using PBN or private blog networks is the better option.