Have you ever wondered how to create PBN sites like the pros do? Well, I am going to teach you how to get started.

Creating a site in a nutshell, is the same process that you would use if you were creating a website. Just like when you were creating a website, you would need to choose a domain name and pick a hosting company. Then you would want to sign up for a blog network.

Now, if you are an online marketer or just someone who uses the internet for everyday purchases and ordering then you are most likely using Google. But what if you run a website to sell a product?

Google is not always the best choice for SEO as they do not make it easy for the average Internet user to understand how Search Engine Optimization works. If you do not know what Search Engine Optimization is I suggest you educate yourself so you can choose the right keywords to use to optimize your site.

There are a few ways to learn Search Engine Optimization which includes purchasing a program from us and learning from an expert. The other way is to simply type “SEO” into Google and see what comes up.

Once you have your site built up there are going to be some major headaches and challenges ahead of you and this is why you need to make sure you get the best out of every dollar that you spend. Your return on investment will dictate how much money you can make as an online entrepreneur. So take advantage of free information so you can get started with your own web presence as soon as possible.

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website and one of the simplest ways is through backlinks. Backlinks are great as long as you know how to get them.

The biggest challenge with getting a bunch of backlinks from other websites is Google and how they penalize your site. However, you should also know that having lots of backlinks helps your rankings. Getting lots of rankings for your site through the SERPs is how to get your PBN site ranked well.

Google is not the only Google. I am talking about what we call the social Web. For every user that visits your site and interacts with your content that you created, you will get a backlink.

Just like Google, social media sites also have their own set of rules. As long as you are following the guidelines you have your page back linking back to you is going to work. Also, remember that Google has algorithms that are constantly changing and what they say today, could not be true tomorrow.

The biggest advantage to joining a blog network is that you have all the features of Google Pages or Squidoo. You can schedule your pages for optimization, you can view all the blogs in your network, you can add pages to your network, and you can view blogs in your network that have the same topics as yours.

The advantage of joining a blog network is that you can rank your PBN site and have it ranked higher than any other blog site in the network. If you use a blog network you can put your SEO skills to the test.