Is it possible to use multiple WordPress.Com blogs to create a PBN for my self-hosted WordPress blog? There are so many benefits in using one single PBN – backlinks, search engine optimization, one-click linking, etc. It can increase your organic search engine results to the point where your organic traffic will be more than that of your PBN.

Even though there are now other blogging platforms available on the Internet, you must use a blog platform that will allow you to run multiple WordPress.Com blogs at the same time – with the click of a button, you can create backlinks and use a well optimized keyword rich post that is entirely related to your content. You will find this is easy to do, and will help increase your search engine rankings.

The way to do this is to have several backlinks on each blog. You should have three backlinks per blog post, and once you have created the three backlinks, it is easy to use the one post to create three backlinks.

SEO should be utilized to enhance your site from two or three blogs. Google will penalize your site if the backlinks are found on the same page as your SEO.

Using the post and the keyword for SEO is what will increase your backlinks. The majority of people find these backlinks to be one of the most valuable tools for their SEO campaigns.

Each post should also have a good title, to complement the title of the post. The title should not only be relevant to the post, but should be directly related to the keyword.

Then use the keyword for one or two other posts in the same blog. Many times people will use the keywords in the title and tags of their articles, and sometimes it will even help create more backlinks by writing them down for future reference.

Your blog should have one or two good and quality content posts that relate to your content and your keyword. This creates two links on your blog, one on the blog post and one on the page you are on when you use the keywords within the title and tags.

This is a very powerful technique to use for your PBN, but one you will want to employ, if your website is having problems ranking high in Google. You can use a PBN software program to automate this process.

Then use one or two well written and keyword rich posts, and then have your visitors submit their blogs for free. When they post their blog on a high traffic page, they will get the word out to others who do follow them on social networking sites.

Some would say, “We are all busy and cannot possibly write posts and create backlinks for everyone”. If you use WordPress, you will be able to accomplish this quickly.

Another way to get the word out is to have your readers to submit comments and write about their blogs on your blog. You can use this by adding a link to your blog on your forum signature.