Before you start to run your own Private Blog Network, you need to ask yourself the question of How Many PBN Links Is Enough? Is there really enough traffic in your blog? You may have just answered that question but a lot depends on how well you optimize your blog, what you choose to write about and what keywords are being used.

First of all you must have a good SEO strategy. Some say that to be in the search engine listings, you need more than one link in order to help your rankings, but this is not always true.

A keyword should be on every page, especially if your goal is to be in the top 5 rankings for that keyword. For example, if you have a blog about music, how many times do you find the phrase “music” on your blog? It’s easy to answer the question, because it’s more than once!

SEO isn’t the only answer to How Many PBN Links Are Enough? your site should also be optimized with content that your visitors will actually want to read. They are going to be looking for information on your topic.

The problem is, many of the beginners in their SEO endeavors choose content that they don’t even understand! When choosing articles, think about things like: what type of reader are you writing for? If you’re targeting a specific type of reader, then write articles that are right for that reader.

A blog on the internet will cost a great deal of money to be published and you need to choose your words carefully and remember, all the keyword power in the world can’t help if your readers don’t find your site. In other words, don’t get too caught up with SEO.

Backlinks are very important to any site. This is what helps with getting in the search engine listings. You need to have links back to your blog to help your ranking. There are many different backlinks you can have but if you use them inappropriately, then you can lose out on some traffic that would otherwise have found your site.

There are a few guidelines that I use when choosing what backlinks to use on my blog, there are too many of those guidelines out there for you to cover here, so I’ll just share one guideline with you. Do not use non-relevant sites to boost your site’s link popularity.

Do not use links from sites that link to your competition’s site. Never use sites that link out to a site that is not relevant. To find out if a site is relevant, I look at their “About Us”Contact Us” pages.

Another thing you must avoid doing is using backlinks to article directories. Not only can it cause some type of penalty to your site, but it is completely pointless. Why?

SEO should work with your blog, not against it. Always use the keywords that people would normally type into the search engines to find what they are looking for. I prefer “how to do something” keywords, like “How to build a snowman”, rather than “Snowman” keywords.

So, How Many PBN Links Is Enough? It’s a tough question and if you don’t know the answer, then you better find out now!