The question about how many domains to have for your SEO campaign is an important one. It’s fair to say that Google has been looking at the number of websites and pages that are being produced all over the web. The more you have, the more likely it is that Google will consider you a competitor and they will begin penalizing you.

Google has its own ranking system called SERP. You don’t want to have too many pages or too many variations of your name on your web pages, even if they’re all linked to your main website. If they have too many links, you will be penalized by Google, which is something that you do not want to happen.

So how many pages should you have in your campaign to be included in a search engine optimization? As an example, let’s say that you have a website that has three pages, which are in turn linked to each other in different ways. How many domains would you need in order to make sure that these three pages were considered as three separate sites?

The answer to this question is that, with the methods of search engine optimization you will need to understand, your page linking scheme should make it appear that these three pages are different to a search engine. When a search engine evaluates your page, they will look at the “links” between these pages, not just the links from the main website to these sites.

Now this is where Google makes their decision. They will look at how many links from each site are coming from the main website, and also how many links from each site are coming from pages of other sites. The more of these links that are coming from other sites, the higher your page ranking will be, and therefore the better chance that your pages will be included in Google’s index.

In order to keep things simple, assume that your main domain is, then you will need to use two domain names. This way, when you choose your sub-domains, you will always have two domain names. Let’s assume that you have a web site called, then you would have an another domain that you could use, such as

There are now two domain names, one for your company and one for your sales page. Now let’s take a closer look at how Google will rank these two domain names. If you have a company site that has three pages that have a link on each of them from your main website, you will get penalized by Google.

How will Google know that your main site is actually linked to all of these pages? They will see that there are a few other sites linking to your main site. But if your links are all coming from your sales page, your main site will appear higher in Google’s rankings. This means that in the end, you will have one more page for a little bit of traffic and one for hundreds of thousands of visitors.

How many sites to use when you are doing search engine optimization is another matter. In general, you will want to use only a few domain names for your SEO campaign. Having too many domains will make it seem like you are spamming the internet, which is one thing that Google does not want.

With so many people using domains for SEO, many people are mistakenly using domains that are not needed, as the domain name. A few domains to get you started is not enough. You should have at least three to five domains to be used, in order to be counted as having a mix of web 2.0 and paid domains. If you are penalized by Google, you will have a way to correct it. Your strategy should have a trial and error period. in which you try various strategies and see what works best.