Many people wonder, “Do PBN Links Work On YouTube As They Do On Websites?” I’ll answer that question for you in this article. Here’s what I do and what my business, SEO Internet Marketing, has done for me.

When I first got my internet marketing business going, I started with a private blog network. I created a niche blog, put some stuff on it and then added one video every other day or so. You can do this with just about any niche or even search engine related niches. Some people have said that doing this is spamming or just bad.

Well, I didn’t do that because I wanted to rank high for my keywords so I could get more traffic to my blog. I also wanted to rank well so that I could get more money out of it. I just wanted to get customers because I’m such a fan of eBay.

Google took one look at the way I was ranking and kicked me off their site. The problem was, I had a lot of competitors on there who were ranked higher than me.

This happened to me too because I was ranking high with a lot of backlinks. This really sucked for me because I tried many methods to get traffic from Google to my blog but nothing ever came.

It got to the point where I decided to do SEO myself but I wasn’t confident with what I was doing. I didn’t know what I was doing.

Googleis in such a rush to keep up with everyone else. They’ve put lots of information out that tells you how to do SEO. But it wasn’t all that clear to me how they were ranked.

They need backlinks to have good rankings. I figured out that I needed to do quality backlinks. Why?

Well, Google likes content that’s relevant to their topic. If I were promoting a specific product, I needed to make sure the content was related to it. With Google, the content really doesn’t matter, but I was careful because I didn’t want them to penalize me too much.

So, what did I do about getting backlinks to my blog? I started with article marketing, where I read a lot of white papers, books and other educational materials that talked about things that I knew about. I also used Squidoo lenses, which are like short articles, and published them on my site.

Then I did search engine optimization and keywords research on a niche and added those to my site. These made my blog interesting to Google and so I would get lots of traffic. In fact, I would get hundreds of visitors a day!

I have lots of affiliate link building strategies that I use with a lot of my other sites. My aim is to get lots of free web traffic so that I can grow my business faster. That’s why I do the best SEO, because I’m very passionate about it.